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Hello Parents,


As you know we have put our regular youth program on hold since the tightening of regulations occurred in early November.


With the latest extension of these regulations and the uncertainty of how long these may last, we have decided to reopen the program in accordance with the province wide health order.


Below are two documents for your information. The first is the reference to the province allowing youth programs to continue and the second is our Covid-19 safety plan for the restart.


We look forward to seeing all the youth again but respect and understand every family who may have a different position in dealing with this situation.



Trent Sulz

Excerpt from Provincial Health Order updated January 8th 2021
  • What will Sign in and Hair Check look like?
    Both our Sign in and Hair Check will be outside to ensure more air flow and space for children and parents. Daily screening to ensure that your child has not been experiencing any covid like symptoms will be asked upon check in.
  • Will there be a Health check screening?
    Please check your child for COVID-19 symptoms every day before bringing your child to camp. Each morning you will be asked if your child has experienced any new symptoms of a cold, flu, or covid 19.
  • Can I come inside the building after my child has completed their hair check?
    As per guidelines we are asking parents to drop your child off at the building entrance after the sign in and hair check process. This is to help reduce unnecessary physical interaction. For circumstances where you must come in, we ask that you practice diligent hand hygiene before entering, wear a face mask, and please maintain physical distance between all staff and other children.
  • What should my child expect to be different from previous years?
    All changes have been introduced to limit the direct impact on your child, and encourage ways to stay safe and healthy while having fun. Any changes that your child will notice will be in the addition of new games that promote physical distancing and in our encouraging reminders to practice good hand hygiene and maintain physical distance.
  • How will lunch be served?
    All food will be prepared and served in accordance with covid health guidelines. Lunches will also be staggered to allow for each group to grab lunches separately. If your child has special dietary needs, you may be required to pack a lunch. Please contact us for more details.
  • What if my child needs first aid attention?
    First aid is a very important aspect of our camp to ensure the safety of your child. We are working closely with authorities to ensure the proper procedures for taking care of your child should they need.
  • What if my child develops symptoms before camp?
    If your child has developed any new or worsening symptoms of illness please do not bring them to camp and contact our office at 604.607.1387. Any new or worsening symptoms should be evaluated by the When to get tested for Covid 19 guidelines from BCCDC.
  • What if my child starts to develop symptoms at camp?
    If your child starts showing symptoms during the day they will be isolated and supervised away from all other campers by a staff member and you will be contacted to pick up your child.
  • What if my child has allergies are they still allowed to come?
    Children with allergies don’t need to stay home. If a child has a new onset of a runny nose, it is important to check if they also have a fever and/or cough.
  • Will my child have access to wash hands/sanitize frequently?
    Yes! We will be encouraging your child to wash/sanitize their hands frequently. Since we have a large property, we will have many areas available for your child to keep their hands clean.
  • What is your Sanitation protocol?
    Loft Country will exceed all BC’s Health guidelines for sanitation of all touch surfaces, activities, etc.
  • LImited Space Available
    We have substantially reduced our weekly overall numbers. We are also dividing our weekly numbers into smaller groups of 10 children per group.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at or give us a call at 604-607-1387.


*Our Covid-19 Safety plan is subject to change to continue to meet all Provincial Health Orders and protocols as they adapt and change*

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