Hello Parents,


As you know we have put our regular youth program on hold since the tightening of regulations occurred in early November.


With the latest extension of these regulations and the uncertainty of how long these may last, we have decided to reopen the program in accordance with the province wide health order.


Below are two documents for your information. The first is the reference to the province allowing youth programs to continue and the second is our Covid-19 safety plan for the restart.


We look forward to seeing all the youth again but respect and understand every family who may have a different position in dealing with this situation.



Trent Sulz

Excerpt from Provincial Health Order updated January 8th 2021

Covid-19 Safety Plan

Occupancy/Event Limits

- We have established and posted occuppancy limit for our premises, including individual rooms allowing at least 5 square metres of space per person. - Foyer limit is 12 people - Auditorium limit is 50 people for the purposes of any event - Lunch Room limit is 4 people - First Aid Room limit is 6 people - Organizer for event will monitor the number of youth present to ensure that the number does not exceed 50 - Organizer will be collecting first and last names and phone number of every participant in case there is a need for contact tracing - Participants must disperse immediately after the event and must not congregate with other participants who are leaving event -Parents are asked to stay inside their vehicles during drop off and pick up


No person may be present as a spectator before, after or during the event unless necessary in order to provide care to a youth participanting.

Physical Distancing

- All youth are required to maintain two metres from themselves and others unless they reside in the same household as each other. - Chairs have been spaced out by at least two metres throughout the auditorium to remind and encourage youth to remain 2 metres apart - Games and leadership activities have been prepared in a way to encourage and maintain physical distance - If any tables are used there are to be no more than 6 participants at a table even if they reside together and participants must remain 2 metre apart from others they do not reside with - Multiple tables used will be spaced out to ensure two metres distance between the backs of the chairs at each table. - Leaders and/or organizer over the age of 21 are to remain at least 3 metres in separation between them and other youth


- Signage has been posted to in many different locations throughout the facility to remind all patrons of rules and guidelines including - Handwashing signage - Physical distancing signs upon entry - Occupancy Limits in each room

Masks Mandate

- Masks are mandatory for all patrons before, during and after event - This includes - At all time when indoors - Any outdoor activity or game - While in barns or arenas

Cleaning Protocols

All Cleaning and disinfecting are to be conducted under the Covid-19 health and safety guidelines which includes but is not limited to - Cleaning and disinfecting all commonly touched surfaces before and after event - Cleaning and disinfecting of washrooms before and after event - Organizer or leaders in charge but ensure any tools/equipment i.e. pens, saddles, brushes, etc. are cleaned and sanitized after use each use - Sanitations Stations are set up throughout the building - Youth should sanitize hands before coming and leaving the event


- Anyone who has had symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 10 days is not allowed to attend and must stay home - Anyone who has been identified by Public Health as a close contact of someone with Covid-19 and/or been asked to self isolate is not allowed to attend and must stay home - If any patron develops symptoms, even mild ones, they must report to the organizer who will arrange for the first aid attendant to properly address the situation including - Assessing and giving care to ill patron in accordance with OFAA protocols - Isolating the patron - Arranging for a ride home for the patron - Clean and disinfect any surfaces that the ill patron had come in contact with

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at camp@loftcountry.com or give us a call at 604-607-1387.


*Our Covid-19 Safety plan is subject to change to continue to meet all Provincial Health Orders and protocols as they adapt and change*

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