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Definitely a favorite attraction at Loft Country!
Children have the opportunity to ride and learn the basics of horsemanship.

Bird and Dog show

From high flying falcons to hawks with childlike personalities, your kids are in for a real treat!

Lc Mining co.

The sluice is flowing, the waterwheel is splashing, the ol' miner is telling his stories...
Keep yer gems or trade em in at the candy shack but get to work cuz there's lots to find here at Loft Country Mining Co.

Fun zone

Bumper Cars

Jumbo Pillow

Loft Mountain

Slip and Slide



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the heavies

These gentle giants will take you on a wagon ride though the trails.
We have black and white clydesdales and grey percherons.

Drama & Dance

From acting in skits to learning the latest line dance, this is where the children become the stars!


Full out shows or interactive comedy...
​This is a wild and crazy time that should be outlawed for being too much fun!




Meet Penelope and her friends 

in our new petting zoo!

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